Under this heading we will review all of the rides and shows in the parks.  Click on any of the parks to the right to see the reviews.  Each ride or show will be broken down into eight areas. They are:

(1) RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: This is the age group that I feel will enjoy this ride. Use your own discretion for anyone outside this group.

(2) THRILL LEVEL: This category is rated on a scale of one to ten where a ten would be a real heart stopping thrill ride and a one would be about as exciting as watching grass grow. Maybe even less.

(3) ENTERTAINMENT LEVEL: Again, this is rated on a scale of one to ten where ten would be the highest level of entertainment and one would be like overdosing on sleeping pills. This is what I like to call the ou, ah, wow, and smile factor.

(4) PRIORITY LEVEL: This category uses a one to five star rating. Use this category to help you determine what rides and shows you should and shouldn't see. Once again, these are my opinions and yours may be different. Use everything that you read on this site to help you decide your own priority level.

(5) AIR CONDITIONED: Is the attraction air conditioned or not?

(6) SUMMARY: This is a brief summary of the ride that includes among other things a notation if this attraction is a good rest stop. That is, an attraction that you can see and rest at the same time.

(7) WAITING TIME: This is the approximate time that you will have to wait in line during peak periods to see this attraction.

(8) BEST TIME TO SEE: This is the best time to see an attraction or when lines will be at their shortest. If the notation on this item says, SEE SCHEDULE OF SHOW TIMES, this refers to the schedule that you receive at the park each day when you enter the park and applies to shows that are not run continuously.

An (H) beside the title of an attraction indicates that this ride has a height restriction. Even if the child rides with an adult the child will nine times out of ten, not be allowed to ride for safety reasons. Usually because the restraining bar of the car will not adequately hold the child in place. On some rides height restrictions are because a child under a certain height cannot reach the controls. On these rides, a child would be able to ride with an adult or a taller child.

An (R) beside the title denotes this attraction as being a good rest stop. Attractions with this rating are air conditioned and at least 15 minutes in duration. They also have comfortable seating.

******Please note that some rides at the different parks have signs posted in front as warnings to people with health problems.  Take these warnings seriously.  They are not there to add a sense of danger to the ride.  If you have heart, back or neck problems or are pregnant do not ride these rides.  If, after standing in line, you decide that you really do not want to go on it, there are gates that will lead you to the exit.  Just tell the ride attendant that you have changed your mind and would like to bypass the ride.  Never attempt to get off the ride once it is in motion.  Now that sounds like a pretty stupid statement but it has been known to happen, with disastrous results.******

All of the reviews and ratings in this section are based entirely on my own opinion. This section is meant to be a guide to help you get the most out of your vacation. Use it to help you determine which rides and shows you want to see if you have a limited amount of time. Certain rides may not be suitable for all ages or some members of your party. This guide will help you to determine that also. In general, use all seven categories to help you decide whether or not you want to see this attraction.

At the end of this page is a sample review. Here I will explain what is meant by each rating to ensure that you fully understand the rating and review system that I used. Now, let's get started.


Certain rides have a minimum height requirement. These rides will be designated with an (H) next to the name of the ride.  The number next to that letter is the minimum height a rider must be to go on the ride.  These rides do have what is called swapping. This is where everyone in your party gets into line and when you reach the ride one member of your party stays behind with the child and the rest board the ride. After the ride another member of your party takes the child and the first member boards the ride with the rest of the original party. As a result, some members of your party will get to ride a second time without having to wait in line again.

1. Walt Disney World Railroad

(1) RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: ALL....suitable for all ages

(2) THRILL LEVEL: 3...............not very exciting

(3) ENTERTAINMENT LEVEL: 5........average entertainment level

(4) PRIORITY LEVEL: ****..........a must see


(6) SUMMARY: A nice relaxing ride around the perimeter of the Magic Kingdom. You can get on or off the train at Main Street, Frontier Land, or Mickey's Toontown Fair. The ride has a lively but corny narration. The main attraction of the ride is the train itself. The cars are pulled by one of four genuine steam engines that were built around the turn of the century and refurbished by Disney. They were also converted to diesel at the same time. The coaches are open on the side and have park bench style seating. All though there is no air conditioning, the fifteen minute ride could provide a welcome break.

(7) WAITING TIME: USUALLY NONE....almost never a backup

(8) BEST TIME TO SEE: ANYTIME.....see whenever you want


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